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As organizations face more and more complex threats, discover how GLIMPS’ conceptualization technology is able to detect, characterize and analyze new threats in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to our AI based technology, GLIMPS detects, correlates and analyzes new threats in the glimpse of an eye.


GLIMPS-Malware automatically detects malware affecting standard IT systems, manufacturing systems, IOT or automotive domains. We support many different architectures.


Thanks to our proprietary AI based technology, malware are automatically correlated with known APT families..
An essential tool for your Threat-Intel analyses !


GLIMPS identifies and documents more than 500 000 families of libraries, both open-source and proprietary, and retrieves information about already identified malware belonging to the same family.

Our Products

GLIMPS Malware

Protect your infrastructure

Connected to your company’s web and email proxies, deployed in your SOC or as a centralized file analysis tool for your employees, GLIMPS-Malware discovers malware on the fly, even new or not yet observed samples, providing precious data on malware identity. Your security team gets instant clues about the threat families (APTxx) of malware attacking your company.


Secure critical systems and accelerate your certification process

Want to assess your systems? Need to evaluate products delivered by your contractors? Search and evaluate vulnerabilities? GLIMPS-Audit allows you to analyze them and helps you understand the critical parts of any binary that you come accross.

Use cases

Email protection with GLIMPS Malware

Email protection with GLIMPS Malware In the last few weeks, following the covid-19 crisis and the generalization of teleworking, there has been a very strong resurgence of phishing attacks. Concerning…

Reverse-engineering with GLIMPS-Audit

Reverse-engineering with GLIMPS-Audit What could be more tedious, when starting the reverse engineering of a binary, whether for a vulnerability search or a malware scan for example, to have to…


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